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Diya Tailors has launched Streetwear for Women. 􀈈is unique formula has its own style and is completely custom-made. Urban-chic to a festival, casual to a restaurant, or going out with an edgy look? It’s all possible with our new collection. 􀈈e whole process from the advisory meeting to measuring your size to picking up your outfit is done by a woman, for a woman. Experience the Diya Experience.

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We put together Streetwear by Diya Tailors in 3 steps. Step 1 is selecting the materials. Different fabrics, patterns, buttons, zippers and more. The choice is yours with professional advice from our Tailor.


The next step is deciding on the model. Regular fit, a dress with a hoodie, loose model, or something else? The determination of your model by you and our Tailors is all in the details. Another color zipper or different types of buttons? Our Tailor assists you by asking questions about the model that represents your personality.


􀈈e third and last step in our approach is measuring. Our Tailor measures up to 70 points along your body, so your outfit fits perfectly. Here we take your unique physique into account.

Diya Tailors - OUR CRAFT

We aim to create your own Streetwear outfit that exceeds your expectations and wishes, Streetwear that receives compliments, Streetwear that embodies your personality. No unnecessary visits that don’t fit your agenda, but one-on-one service from our Tailor who takes you on a journey full of possibilities. A journey that you can experience both at home and in our atelier.

To make this possible, we’ve combined the skills of custom specialists and competent craftsmen. By combining these two, Diya Tailors has a product that surpasses a tailored suit, namely a tailored suit with your unique style.

Why Diya Tailors?

  • Sense of design
  • Knowledge of 9500 fabrics from the best weavers in the world such as Loro Piana, Scabal, Cerruti
  • With 25 years of knowledge, the Master Tailor is also a stylist
  • Knowledge, quality, service, and attention
  • We are the only company that can create anything. Do you have a picture of a design? Bring it with you and we’ll create it for you.

“Diya Tailors, tailor-made clothing is the heart of our craft”